J KING 2019 Re-Educated.jpg

Founder of CHING Gang collective and curator of The Art Of Sounds, King seeks to support
his peers and to create events that introduce others to new and exciting art and artists.

Music, and the accompanying popular culture, has always been a big influence on King and
is a visible presence in his work. The partnership of art and music came to fruition with the
launch of The Art Of Sounds. This event is not only a platform for emerging artists to exhibit
their works, but the living drawing to music introduces a performance element that
connects the art and music into a single creative performance.

King takes the images fed into popular culture and places them into a new narrative,
changing their significance and connecting the viewer with familiar images and
decontextualising them.

King has featured in several group exhibitions and is a successful commissioned artist.

In August 2019 he held his debut solo exhibition ‘Re-Educated’. This series of paintings evolved
from a stand alone painting King created dedicated to one of his favourite albums: ‘The
Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. Since then he has expanded this concept into a series of
‘chalkboard’ portraits focusing on the lessons and messages that are expressed through music.

"I make art for the mandem, creating works that reflects my experiences showing the things I

loved, hated, felt and thought growing up until now"