Frequently Asked Questions
Online Shop FAQ
I have just purchased something from your site. What happens now?

All orders go through the online payment systems, Paypal or Stripe. These are two of the easiest and most secure ways of purchasing products on the net. Here we will get confirmation of your purchase and your correct billing and mailing details. 

I purchased something from your site, how long does it take to arrive?


All prints are sent out first class and are usually sent within 3 working days of your order. Orders made from a UK address will arrive in 3 - 5 days. Outside of the UK from 5 - 10 working days.*


*Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic orders have been experiencing delays of 3 - 4 weeks,

I purchased some artwork from your site, how is it packaged?


The artwork will arrive neatly packaged and will require a signature on delivery.

I don't see xxx for sale, where can I get it?


If there is a piece of work or a product that is no longer listed on the site please  get in touch via the contact form.

Do you do refunds or accept returns?

Nah, fam.

Commissions FAQ
I want to commission some artwork, what are your rates?


No two projects are the same. My rates depend on the description of the project, the size, the client, the turnaround time and the intended usage of the work. Get in touch, be as specific as you can, mention deadlines, budget, purpose and send any visual examples. Once I have this information I can then give you a quote.

How long does a commission take to get done?


I work quickly, but each commission is different and the timing depends on:

1. The project, size and style of the artwork.

2. How much work I have on at the time.

When we are discussing your commission I will be as specific as possible and give you a realistic deadline of when to expect your completed piece. 

What's the payment process?

When it comes to commissions, once we have both agreed on a price I require a non-refundable 50% deposit up front before starting any work. Once the works have been completed and approved I then require the remaining 50% before sending over or delivering the artwork.