The debut solo exhibition by West London based J. King The Artist was held exclusively to Elephant West Gallery, London. The exhibition featured the artist's personal icons with names like Lauryn Hill, 2 Pac, Bruce Lee, the late Nipsey Hussle and more displayed between

9th - 18th August. 

The exhibition titled, ‘Re-Educated’ draws a line between art and music as J. King creates portraits that focus on lyrics, messages and ideas each featured artist has shared. 

J. King’s “chalkboard” pieces explore non-typical education, highlighting what the artist gained outside of traditional education and the ever-changing school curriculum. He states,  

“There was and is a lot to be learned outside of the traditional school curriculum. I feel like school prepares you for additional education and then to work; it doesn't really prepare you for life, love or relationships. These are three really important aspects of life that we can’t avoid and will inevitably deal with. There are so many lessons I learned through music, books, films and art and my work focuses on this.” 

J. King The Artist is well-known for taking images fed into popular culture and placing them into a new narrative. By changing their significance and connecting the viewer to familiar images and decontextualizing them. 

J. King has had his work shared on social media by Nicki Minaj, Stormzy and The Walking Dead as well as being commissioned by Redbull, Giggs, Dappy and Island Records. 

Similar to his successful art-based events, The Art of Sounds, the Re-Education exhibition viewers can expect an interactive experience. 


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